Working With Dreams

Working with your dreams can be very beneficial and may help you work through the things that most effect you in your life.

There are many different kinds of dreaming.. some say they don’t dream at all, but they do. We all dream! There are different levels on consciousness while sleeping and depending on what level you are at when the dreaming begins or even what level you go to after the dream, plays a big part in remembering your dreams.

To help you remember your dreams:

As you lay down at night tell yourself over and over again that you intend on remembering. Practice makes perfect. You can’t do this just once and expect to remember. this is something you’ll need to do until you have finally started remembering those dreams.

There are also many different stones that are helpful when wanting to dream more, have more vivid dreams or simply remember your dreams. Amethyst, moonstone and quartz are just a few that come to mind first. Find the stone that calls to you. ANY stone call do the trick.. if it calls to you.

Meditation is also a very helpful tool. Again, find a meditation that suits you. There are tons of meditation techniques out there. Do some Googling and try many different forms of meditation until you find the one that fits you best. Meditation is a training of the mind and the more you do it … the better you get. As with all things it takes time, patience and lots of practice.

Dream catchers are another tool used for dream work. They are best used by hanging over your bed or somewhere in the bedroom where the morning sunlight will reach it every day. The morning sun cleanses the dream catcher of all the bad or negative dreams and thoughts.

Journals – dream journals are ever so helpful. Hard to make yourself remember to do at first but as always practice.. practice. Write down your dreams before your feet hit the floor. Once you are out of bed, auto mode kicks in and you begin your tasks at hand for the day and the journal remains empty.

Essential oils…. oh one of my favorites! I love essential oils and there are many out there designed to help you with sleep and dream work.

Whatever tool you use.. practice, practice, practice. Find what calls to you and what feels right. You can use one of the tools above or a combinations of several or all of them .. or even find something different that works for you. Good luck and sweet dreams!

Many Blessings,

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