Daily Insight – Transformation

Transformation…. we all must transform… it is how we grow and evolve.

As life comes at us, bringing everything it has…. the good and the bad, we grow, we learn and we transform.

The key here is to transform with life as it comes… don’t fight it. It’s going to happen no matter what we do so fighting it only causes us that much more heartache and sometimes even trauma. Find that place in yourself where you can find comfort in your own growth and transformation. Fighting with ourselves when we are trying to evolve only causes us more harm and sets us back when we should be continually moving forward.

I know that some changes are hard to take but by fighting this change we only make it that much harder. Don’t think of it as giving in.. think of it as moving forward. Allow nature to take its course and allow yourself that room to grow.

Again, I know this can at times be very hard… but becoming stagnant can be even harder on the soul than one could imagine.

Many Blessings,

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