Alignment Ceremony

Funny how just a comment can set a whole series of events in motion. I must tell the whole story because … well I am RavenTALKER of course and so staying true to my name I’m going to tell it all! hahahahahahaha

It all started when I saw a friend post the statement “Negativity Be Gone!” .. I responded that she needed to smudge. She then replied back wanting to know what smudge was and how to use it. I private messaged her all the details and since the conversation came up .. I grabbed a bit of smudge from my desk and smudged myself … a little smudging never hurt anyone  .

I went on about my evening chores and as it was nearly time for bed, I went downstairs to take my night time shower… Instead of the regular shower I took a more ceremonial shower that I call a “cleansing bath”. I’ll explain these things at the end of my post.

Out of the shower I was all ready for bed… I was urged to drink a considerable amount of water by Spirit and so I grabbed a 16 oz bottle of water and chugged nearly the whole thing down and got into bed. Spirit still had more for me to do… so I got up once again and picked up a small bottle of lavender essential oil that sits on my bedside table…  I dabbed a bit of the oil on my forehead, on the top of my head and then on each wrist, the arch of each foot and then in the palm of each hand. Why did I do all of this? I have no idea other than I was guided to do so.

Ok so am I ready for bed now? NOPE! I have on my bedside table several crystals. I first picked up 2 crystal necklaces I have laying there, one amethyst and one rose quartz… I wrapped them around my wrists like bracelets but thought.. that will drive me nuts… so I took them off and slid them inside my pillow. I then arranged some of the crystals on my table in a way that I was guided to arrange them. I have no real idea why the position of each just kept moving them around until I felt satisfied that they were where they needed to be.

OKAY… now am I ready for bed??? YES! Whew..

Right away as I lay my head onto the pillow, visions began rolling in.

I am in a ceremony of some sort and I will now describe to you what happened:

There is a large circle with many people sitting around it’s edge. Inside the circle is a fire and a man dancing in a very spastic like inside. There are 2 guys with long poles also inside the circle with the dancing medicine man. Each man stands at the center point of the fire on each side as the medicine man dances between them. He seems to be in a rhythmic trance as we dances very wildly between the two guys with the long poles…. Now as he dances near one guy .. the man will slam the pole to the ground making a very loud thunderous noise and the medicine man will dance to the other and the same thing happens as the medicine man nears the guy with the pole.. he slams it down creating a loud thunderous noise. It is as if the pole symbolize lightning and as the medicine man draws near each guy they slam the pole to the ground to symbolize the lightning strike…. this goes on for quite some time until finally the medicine mans rhythms seem to be less wild and more balanced in the center of the two holding the poles… which make him centered in front of me. I am sitting at the 11 o’clock position of the north point of the circle. I am dressed in a natural linen fabric and have white dots painted down the center of my body from my head .. past my belly button.  The medicine man now starts dancing toward me and back toward the fire.. back and fourth.. back and fourth … again for some time. The medicine man now turns to face the fire and swished his arms from behind him up and toward the fire and into the air. He does this for a while and at the end of the dance he walks over to me and places his hand on the top of my head… the odd thing was that his hand seemed to glow as if he carried fire in his hand… but there was no physical fire there. The ceremony was now complete but everyone continued sitting in the circle in meditation for sometime through the night.

I was told that this was an alignment ceremony getting me ready for the next phase of alignment.

I love how spirit works and how you just never know when wonderful gifts like this will come along.

Many think I am weird and even more so because I speak freely about the visions that I see. I am not worried about what others think of me and my experiences. I feel these experiences.. these visions are a gift and gifts are for sharing. I may be a bit odd and weird but I enjoy every minute of it!

Many Blessings,

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*Smudging: smudging is a way of cleansing yourself, your space or area and your possessions or tools with herbal smoke. Most commonly used is sage but you can add to the mix many herbs depending on what you are cleansing.. the reason for cleansing or just preferences. Sweetgrass, lavender, tobacco are also common additions used in making smudge.

*Ceremonial/Ritual  Bath:  Depending on reason/purpose for the bath, herbal water may be used and meditation also takes place .. this is another way of cleansing before ritual or ceremony.

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