Our Teachers

ravenQuote from Eat, Pray, Love “Accept that everyone you meet in life is a teacher”.

I was thinking about this statement and for a moment and began to reflect back on various people that have come and gone in my life and what I might have learned from each of them. Even those who came and left in a moment there was something to be learned. It doesn’t matter the length of time someone is in your life, they all offer something to be learned. Here are a few examples of my own:

  • The beggar on the street teaches us that everything we have can be gone in a flash. Cherish what you have every moment that you have it.
  • Those we teach remind us of how important knowledge can be.
  • Children show us the wonders of the world and how imagination, wonder and magic live in every moment that we allow it to be.
  • Those “Happy” folks that are always smiling, always cheerful – teach us that life is what we make it.
  • Those unhappy people who are always negative, always gloomy, always complaining – they make us appreciate the good days. They make us glad that we are not them!
  • Mothers show us what unconditional love looks like.

These are just a few examples of what we can learn from others.. the list is never-ending. Today I ask that you look at the world you live in and the people in it, a little bit differently. Ask yourself what lessons can be learned and how that person has influenced your life today.

Many Blessings,

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