Make it Happen Friday!

Today is all about Making it Happen! The energy is super high and positive. Excitement fills the air and you are on top of your game. You are positive about your abilities and positive about who you are and what you can do. TODAY you MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Many Blessings,

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Starting the Day with Positivity

How we choose to start each day makes a huge impact in our lives. It certainly doesn’t stop bad things from happening to us but it improves our general outlook and productivity. This morning I started my day with a little positive reinforcement from Karen Drucker with her song “Thank you for this day”.  I have to admit, when the song came on and I started singing along.. I did instantly feel better. My energy level raised up and I am feeling quite the happy camper and nothing special has even really happened to my day. That little moment of positivity and the message of being grateful just for having another day to live has been enough to get me moving in an uplifting and joyful way. Thank you Karen Drucker for this song and the positive energy it brings.

Many Blessings,