soul connections

Honoring Our Soul Connections

There are still things to be done today… and Spirit leaves us with another message for the day. “Reading You Like a Book” is the phrase Spirit whispers in my ear. You are reading someone like a book or they are doing that to you. Those who are connected with us in a way that we are open to …  not hiding who we are.. those are the connections we celebrate today.

Many Blessings,

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Your Spiritual Forecast for Sept 7-13

Well, lets see what Spirit has in store for us this week. LOTS of CHANGE!! It’s time to clear the way for a whole new life. This week is about letting go of past pain, behaviors, thoughts, ideas, relationships, etc and making room in our lives for something more. The new that is coming is going to resonate with your soul. The things in your life up until now haven’t had that connection with you.. now it’s time to truly live in the moment and connect on levels unimagined.

Many Blessings,

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