red tail hawk

Healing from the Sweat Lodge

Last night I was gifted another opportunity to participate in sweat lodge and it was magical! Joined by my Red Tail Hawk and My White Wolf and later a wonderful healing moment with the Grandmother. The healing and cleansing that comes from sweat lodge is like no other. Powerful and strong… this particular sweat was the hottest I’ve ever been in. Endless healing energies flowed through us all. I am blessed and today I share with you all some of that energy.

Many Blessings,

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Hawk Meanings

I pulled into the parking lot at work this morning and noticed a couple of crows in the tree at the other end of the lot … I grabbed my camera and slowly walked toward the tree so that I wouldn’t frighten them away .. walking in a way that didn’t make me look too eager or aggressive… as I got closer I looked up and There was a Red Tailed Hawk sitting on the brick wall below them with his breakfast… check out the video for more information about our friend the Hawk.    🙂 


Many Blessings,