Soldiering On…

Hiccups and speed bumps…. we fall down, we make mistakes, we fail and we lose direction.. but we must soldier on. Our biggest battles are done but life will continually bring us more lessons and battles. When you plan falls through, make a new one! Your angels are guiding and protecting you. Keep moving forward!

Many Blessings,

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  1. Hello Waya,
    My name is Kevin. I’ve been following your site and Facebook page. I don’t have an account on Facebook so I am writing to you here.
    The first video I watched of yours was the journey of the wolf several months ago.
    I admire your heart warming spiritual guidance. This wolf (or fish February birth) is on that journey you have described in your wolf videos.
    Today my spirit guides wanted me to share this video with you and yours - –

    The songs dynamics are amaxing, the bass line is the driving force, and the lyrics have a message for everyone who follows you.
    Have a blessed day Waya.

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