Healing Ceremony with the Grandmothers

healing with the grandmothersLast night just before bed, I decided to take a long, hot shower and guess who showed up… the Grandmothers! For those of you who may not know who the Grandmothers are, they are 3 native elder women who come to me in spirit and perform healing ceremonies with me as they see needed. They are my spirit guides but not in a general way… they bring me healing.

Most often they show up when showering because that is always done before ceremony… a cleanse before the healing begins.

They poured a mixture of milk, honey and clover flower over me and as I was washing it off the head elder steps in front of me and takes a needle and thread to my heart and started stitching me up. I began to cry instantly at the pain I felt. The pain wasn’t coming from the needle and thread but more from the act itself. I know that must sound odd, it was the awareness of what has been done to my heart that created the pain. When she started stitching me up, it made me take a good look at the damage and I was so aware of everything my heart had been through up to this point. The tears flowed for a while. I found myself pressed against the shower all… just trying to keep myself standing. I then pulled myself together and finished in the shower.

I grabbed some palo santo smudge and smudged my entire body with billows of smoke and lit a green prayer candle and made my way to the bedroom to lay down and allow the grandmothers to finish their work.

Now that I am laying down the head elder starts sprinkling me with blessed water and then begins to rub my body down with an herbal salve. I asked her what this was for and she responded with; this will draw out all that is no longer needed. There is so much not good that has attached itself to you in many ways. These little demons get in every nook and cranny and we forget they are there and are sometimes blind to them. They know how to hide, but they can not hide from this medicine…. it will pull them all out.

I could feel my skin tightening. She only spread this salve over the top of my body, she left the sides and back alone. I asked why she did it that way and she said that she was drawing them out, so it was only needed on top, if covered from all sides there would be no movement the salve would be drawing from all sides and the demons would then just be brought to my center. I said, oh okay.. then lets not do that.. get them out! She chuckled at me and continued with the other two elders… praying over me. I noticed that she left a circle around my heart open and no slave was placed there.

When I noticed the opening around my heart I saw a bright light forming right in the center of my heart. I was completely captured by this light and watched as it continued to grow. It was very with in the center surrounded by a creamy off white light. The light grew and grew and then sent off a tractor beam straight up into the universe. I asked the grandmothers what was happening and they said; healing my child, relax. I lay there then and observed. This beam of light was so strong and I could feel this pull within me… the salve over me was starting to dissolve and as it was the beam started to retract. As this light was coming back into me I felt it filling me up on the inside. It was like ocean waves how it moved inside me as my body was filling up. Imagine water coming into your house and spreading from room to room. It spread to the ends of my body, my toes and my and and down my arms to my fingers and filled me. As I was filling up it created a seal, and finally in that place just over my heart the last bits of light filled my body and my entire being felt like it had been sealed in a skin tight capsule.

I asked why no ointment was over my heart and the head elder said; the heart has no demons, nothing impure can ever live in the heart so it needed no salve. I then asked about why my heart needed stitches and she replied; sometimes the heart takes on so much that it cracks… the more love we fill our hearts with and the more love we give, our hearts expand to the point of cracking. I could see that there were two specific cracks she stitched up. One crack quite large and the other much smaller. She said; so I stitched you up so that the heart can mend better and continue taking on and giving as much love as your soul wishes. Tears filled my eyes once again. She placed her hand on my forehead and said; I know child.. I know. It will be okay. Now rest, you will remain in this seal for 7 days and then we will return for another ceremony to prepare you for the journey ahead. I looked at her with a little bit of fear and uncertainty and she assured me that it was going to be a journey that I would enjoy and with a funny little smirk and a twinkle in her eye she gave me a wink and walked away.



Many Blessings,

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