My Story and the Re-write

7-5-2015-2In times past anyone could just write themselves into my story. As they wrote themselves in, I had to continuously rewrite what had been previously written by my soul. My world and my story ever changing by the characters that I allowed in. I didn’t even realize that they were interfering with my true story. They had so cleverly written their roles into my life that I thought they were suppose to be there. I had more control than I believed. So much of my story had been hijacked. I willingly let them all in. I have taken off the mask that has kept me from seeing the truth. This happens no more! I’m taking back my story. I’m ripping up the pages that no longer fit in and rewriting the ending for a much better life. New characters that wish to come into my story, be warned, for this is MY STORY! I have no problem taking your role out as quickly as you were written in. If your words and actions do not compliment this story of mine, we shall say our goodbyes right here and now. I am now a pro with the pen and I have gotten even better at rewriting this life. You see I have met with my spirit, time and time again and we have a new agreement… no hijacking allowed. This story ends the way it was originally written, with love, light and a life lived well.

Many Blessings,

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