Cummins Falls

This morning I got up at 4 am so that I could drive 80 miles to Cookeville to then climb down to see Cummins Falls as the sun was coming up … it was a looooooooooong way to that waterfall but it was well worth the trek! My day started out driving while it was still dark and then the joys of watching the sun come up and paint the sky in beautiful colors. I went straight from beautiful painted sky to nothing but fog and then finally just as I came out of the fog bank I arrived at my destination. Hmmmmmm… the gate is closed. Check website for hours.. crap, I’m an hour early. Well, now I have time to get my backpack ready. I’m on the phone with my bestie laughing about me driving out so far and the park being closed when I guy clad in flannel steps out of the woods… I was like.. stay on the phone with me… LOL. He walked right past me and opened the gate! Thanks! And I was on my way. The sign said <– that way to Overlook and –> that way to downriver shortcut…. I’d hate to see what the long way looked like. After hiking down the side of the mountain I ended up in a very wide creek bed. Started hiking toward the waterfall and had to cross over the creek several times … and I kept walking .. and walking … wondering where the heck is this waterfall!!!

Finally I rounded a bend in the creek and it was heavenly!! So majestic and beautiful!

We won’t even think about talking about the hike back up!

Have a look!

Many Blessings,


  1. Amazing shots! the round one sitting on the rocks, is that a drop of water with reflections of surroundings? if not what is it? my fav by far.

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