What We Don’t See…

I stepped outside the office for a little break, of course with camera in hand as always. You never know when a photo opportunity will reveal itself! It’s warm out but there is a soft breeze out that is sooooo refreshing. I stood there for a moment, taking in the fresh air. The light scent of honeysuckle carried over from the field across the road, filled the air as it swept past me.

I walked over to the retaining wall at the side of the building, looking at the clover and clover flowers. I was hoping to spot a nice big bumble bee or a butterfly to photograph, but no such luck. There was a dandelion that was slowly fading away and some clover flower, so not wasting a moment I got my camera ready to capture their beauty. I moved around the side of the building to see what else I could see and there was my buddy the bumble bee… after capturing a couple of clicks I looked next to me and saw my friend the ladybug so I stepped back just a bit to get her in focus and started clicking away before she flew off.

I went back inside and got back to work, when I had a moment free I loaded the photos onto my computer from the card and as I was cropping the photos of the ladybug I noticed something in one of the photos. It was this tiny little bubble of dew hanging from a small blade of grass. I had completely missed it when I was outside. It was right there just inches away from the ladybug but I was focused so intently on the ladybug I missed this magical little bubble that was right there in front of me the whole time.

You know life is often just like this moment. When we focus so intently in one direction, we miss what is just in front of us.

Here’s the clicks I captured on my little 3 minute break: Click on the images to enlarge them for better viewing.

Many Blessings,

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