Day: May 5, 2014

Choosing Stones & Crystals

crystal2Crystals & stones have long been used for healing purposes of all kinds. Each one having its own unique properties and qualities. There are websites all over the place that elaborate on all the many different types of crystals and stones and their many uses.

Find a website that you trust when it comes to understanding their properties. Also you have to use your own intuition as well when it comes to picking out one that best fits you and your needs.

So you have done some research and you know what type of crystal or stone you need and now all you have to do is find one. Here’s what you do:

If you are able to go into a physical store and touch the stones, then that is the best way of choosing. Pick up and touch every stone of the type you are looking for with your intentional use  in mind. Eventually you’ll pick up a stone that you feel that you just can’t put down or that you’ll keep going back to. THAT is your stone! If you can’t find one that calls to you then you’ll have to find another shop or wait til they have new inventory.

If you can’t get into a physical shop and you are shopping online for your stones then it’s a little bit different since you can’t touch the stones and feel their energy. You’ll have to keep that intentional use in mind while surfing through websites. The same feeling will come upon you when you find THE ONE. It will be stone that you just keep coming back to. A stone that imprints on your mind and connects with you.

I hope this has been of help.. now go out and get some stones!

Many Blessings,

Spirit Journey

WP_20140502_0065/4/2014 Tonight as the hours tic by and bedtime approaches I feel Spirit guiding me. I decide to go  have a bath and meditate for a while. As tub begins to fill I feel myself in a very calm, relaxed state. I was meditated until I started to wrinkle and just before I got out of the bath I heard a whisper say ” you know better, dip your head under the water as well… you know this is how a cleansing goes before each journey”. I thought for a moment .. but I didn’t want to get my hair wet .. and Spirit whispers .. ” well do as you like but if you don’t dip your head, it is then your choice not to journey”. And so I dipped my head like I was told.

As soon as I slid under the water, a Grandmother spirit appeared overhead and said “Go la nv Ga wo ni ha , you and I will journey tonight. We will walk together in the clouds for a while, there are things I need to show you.”  Her face I will never forget, aged but not too aged, graceful and full of knowledge and kindness. Her eyes twinkled and her smile, sincere. She had long flowing, gray hair that seemed to float in the breeze. I cannot wait to journey with her tonight. So, off o my office I got to smudge before bed and then let the night fill my eyes to see what there is to see.

As I lay my head to pillow the journey begins:

Great Grandmother spirit comes to me and begins to bless me with healing waters. First she casts the waters down the center of my body from head to toe and then across my body from side to side tells me that this to keep me centered and aligned.  She then begins to rub an herbal ointment on my feet for safe journeys. Next up is the painting of my body, she begins with blue flowers that quickly turn into paint and rubs this all over my neck for a strong and clear voice, my face and entire head is painted white for the crown chakra, except for a purple smudge right in the center of my forehead for clear vision… tiny lines are then painted from the purple dot in my forehead that move from above my eyebrows and circle around to the corners of my eyes, again for a clearer vision. The rest of my body is painted in greens and browns to keep me grounded. My feet and hands are painted white. The palm of my hands have a small, bright fuschia red spot in the center, the white represents energy being formed and the red spot it’s focus. My feet are painted white so that I can easily walk between the worlds.

Now that I am all painted and have been blessed and told all the meanings of the processes that have been done to me, I am given some information to help with the days to come. I’ll keep those things to myself, for they are personal and not to be shared at this time.

Many Blessings,