Christmas Time in the UK

9207_10200165863766760_501820899_nChristmas time in the UK can be described simply with just one word.


It’s a time when loved ones gather round for a nice cup of brew, hours are spent discussing where to eat, games and quizzes are played and fond memories are clearly made. Laughter fills every room and traditions are carried out just as they have been passed down for decades and even centuries.

When family gather round… it is never a dull moment. The words exchanged make me giggle every few minutes. If only I could give you a transcript of the conversations I’ve heard and even been a part of over the past few days … you would understand.  The best part of it is that it’s all done with love and care for one another.

My wish for everyone this year is that you find the time to spend with the ones you love. Cherish these moments for they will pass as they always do. Make happy memories to carry with you through the years and keep traditions going for they are the glue that bind you throughout the years to the memories and happy times with those closest to you.


Many Blessings,

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