Me and the Butterfly

For some reason I have been obsessed with butterflies this past week. I have been trying my hardest to capture a photo of a butterfly. I have no idea why I’ve been so obsessed with this lately, but I have. Watching out my office window, looking for the butterfly to pass by, running outside with my camera, trying to capture just a moment with the butterfly. It has been driving me crazy that I’ve not had the opportunity to get a photo. Every time I stepped outside for a moment without my camera… there would be that darned butterfly fluttering around all over the place. I have seen big white ones, yellow ones, and some others… but the opportunity for a photo never came.

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So, I’m sitting here at my desk and decide to take my camera outside for a  short break. I notice a feather laying in the grass and move toward it to take a pic, it’s not a butterfly but hey.. it’s a feather! When I moved toward it, up from the grass flew a little Earth colored butterfly/moth. I thought, yep… typical.. flutter on off so I can’t get a photo you little stinker! Just then, the butterfly/moth circled back and landed right at my feet. Camera in hand.. snap snap snap. Whew! Okay, so it wasn’t the butterfly I hoped for but it was a butterfly/moth none the less! I took his photo and moved around to the side of the building to see if there was anything else to photograph before going back inside.

I noticed a bright yellow flower all by itself  about 20 feet or so away. I thought, oh it’s

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probably just a dandelion and then I thought, who cares, it’s bright and beautiful anyway. I moved closer to the flower and bent down to take the photo and as soon as the camera was up to my eye and I was about to click the shutter button… look who followed me there and landed right on that flower. hahahahahhahahahaaaaaa

So, I got the bright, vibrant color I was looking for and the ever so elusive butterfly!

How about that!!!

click to enlarge

It just goes to show that sometimes we get what we are looking for.. just not the way we thought we wanted it.

Many Blessings,

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