Hidden Inside Us

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You just never know when inspiration will speak to us. I could not turn out my light tonight without writing about this rainbow that from out of nowhere appeared and lit up my creative soul.

It is midnight and I have to be up at 5am … I am crawling into bed and as I reach over to turn out the light on my bedside table I notice inside one of the crystals lying there and this beautiful little rainbow hidden inside. I began to think about how that tiny little rainbow inside my crystal is like each of us. We all have that rainbow inside us. Layers of color that decorate our souls. Light from within that tells a story of who we are, who we have been and who we will become. That rainbow carries with it all the stories of where we’ve been and those stories yet to be told.

Think about this little rainbow when you meet others on your journey each day. Think about how we are not just what you see on the outside. We all have so much more to us. Layers upon layers of color inside and a light that is as beautiful as we allow it to be.

Also I want you to think about yourself and the rainbow in the crystal…. you are also equally as beautiful. You contain all those many layers of color and light as well. Let your light and those colors shine. Allow others to view the wonders of your soul and don’t be afraid to share your light.

By sharing our light, we encourage others to shine and share theirs as well.. together we can create the rainbow this world needs to improve and become a better, more caring and loving place.

Many Blessings,

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