A Colorful Life

primroseI’m guided today to speak about color.  Spring has sprung and soon the Earth will be painted with many colors.

Pay more attention to the colors in your own world… color has a great affect on you, your health and your mood.

Spirit will be speaking to you through colors in the coming days so pay attention.

Even your dreams will have color in them from time to time for some and for others like me .. all the time.


Here are a few general meaning of some of the more popular colors:

Red symbolizes: action, confidence, courage, vitality

Pink symbolizes: love, beauty

Brown symbolizes: earth, order, convention

Orange symbolizes: vitality with endurance

Gold symbolizes: Wealth, prosperity, wisdom

Yellow symbolizes: wisdom, joy, happiness, intellectual energy

Green symbolizes: life, nature, fertility, well being

Blue symbolizes: youth, spirituality, truth, peace

Purple symbolizes: Royalty, magic, mystery

Indigo symbolizes: intuition, meditation, deep contemplation

White symbolizes: Purity, Cleanliness

Black symbolizes: Death, earth, stability

Gray symbolizes: Sorrow, security, maturity

Try this Meditation I found online to help balance and heal through colors:

  • Sit comfortably with your eyes closed.
  • Visualize a large ball of radiant Golden light a few inches over your head. Visualize that ball of light slowly descending through your crown, filling your entire being with golden light.
  • Imagine yourself absorbing that light as it nourishes, cleanses and heals your whole being – your Spirit and all of your bodies – dissolving all blocked and toxic energies.
  • Repeat this exercise, visualizing a ball of Red light. Continue through the entire spectrum like this, visualizing a ball of Orange light; Yellow light; Green light; Blue light; Indigo light; and Violet light. Go through the spectrum at whatever pace feels appropriate.
  • Take some time to visualize yourself in a state of perfect, radiant health

Many Blessings,

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