How Our Life is Changing

The changes that are coming will be fed to us little by little. Over time we will find our lives improving and getting better. So many things have to change for us … one big change won’t get us to where we need to be. Don’t set your focus on that one big thing… the little changes are just as important. That picture you have painted in your mind about how you think your life will be is sooooooooooo  wrong… The universe knows what we need and it’s working to give us exactly that. Just letting you know that it will look nothing like what you think it will.. but it will still be GREAT!

Many Blessings,

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  1. Great for WHO BC so far… I’ve seen nothing regarding appreciation for devotion, loyalty, trust and much more returning ‘ great ‘ things for the mountains I’ve climbed for love and wellness of the universe and all on it. Your post generally were uplifting for me and I looked forward to daily post… But since I’ve been a regular… Nothing good has come my way in regards to anything… Just being honest and no DISRESPECT intended whatsoever!! :/

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