My Muse

cades cove 5MY MUSE 

As I sit down to write, I think of where I should start
At the beginning… a voice whispers
So I go back and fondly recall that part

With a smile plastered across my mind
I remember seeing him and my spirit giving me a nudge
I wondered for a moment if he was like my kind

With a heavy sigh of release, I let Spirit be my guide
I reached out, not knowing what this would be
That night, my heart was changed and for hours I cried.

Tears of a great release
From years of pain that had built up over time
Finally my spirit finds some much needed peace

As time goes by, the connection with my muse grows
Each day beginning and ending with a smile written upon my heart
The Universe’s plan… No one really knows

Each breath is taken in and enjoyed with pleasure
Life is happening right here and now
Every moment is a gift I treasure

Hoping like mad that it will never end
I dare not think of the days when he might not be around
Not only is he my muse, but also a wonderful lifetime friend

I take another deep breath in and center my being
I am blessed and filled with gratitude
Letting go of worry and leaving it to fate…
I exhale and release those thoughts.. it is ever so freeing!

Filled with great passion and love
I look to the night sky and thank the moon and stars above

I thank the Universe for the magic it lends
Now if only we were close enough to hold hands.

I could see us skipping along like children in the rain
Splashing in the puddles
and allowing the cool drops of water to wash away every ounce of old pain

Happy thoughts running eternally through my head
Remembering all that has been said.

To my muse, my spirit has never been so new
It’s all because the Universe brought me to you.

Many Blessings,

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