A Trip to the Shadow Lands

dream catcherThis is something I wrote back in 2006 🙂 

A few weeks ago I had something come to me in a vision  and take away something very precious and dear to me. I was crushed and very upset to the point of actually crying. This reaper of death came right up to me and took my dreams! Yes .. that’s what I said.. believe it or not!  I saw him coming toward me and froze, not really in fear, more in confusion of why it was he was coming towards ME!!!!!!!! To my surprise he took away my dreams, and for anyone who knows me or reads any of my blogs, you will know how very important my dreams are to me. My dreams take me to the many places I can’t go in physical form. They take me to the arms of the one I love, they teach me the many lessons of life, they calm my fears and give me hope, they show me new paths and they help me to grow.

I wondered for a long time what it was that I had done that was so bad that I deserved such a thing as to have my dreams taken away. Each night I would try my best to dream and nothing. Nothing at all would come to me. My dreams were truly gone. What was I to do? I tried everything I knew to get my dreams to come back to me and I worked on being an even better person. I worked on more of my inner self, hoping it would be enough and that I would finally deserve or earn my dreams back… but no… nothing.

Then one night… I was sick and tired of not having my dreams!!  I went off to where I knew the reaper would be that held my dreams… the shadow lands… that place … that very dark place that most fear. I overcame my own fear of that place for I learned that  we must have such a place to have balance… light and dark… good and bad… for if everything was light or good.. how would we recognize the dark or the bad .. simply we wouldn’t. We’d know nothing different, everything would be exactly the same… just as to know great happiness you must first know great sorrow.

So I went to the shadow lands and searched out the reaper. I found him with my dreams right there hanging around his neck as if it were nothing but a charm .. hmmmp! So I walked right up to him… looked right into the darkness of his face and those soulless eyes and took back what was mine! I then dealt with him and let him know that there would not ever be another thing he would be allowed to take from me. I was taking back control of my own life and no longer allowing others to take away anything what was special or dear to me.

At first I hadn’t given much thought after I dealt with the reaper of why he took my dreams in the first place. I simply thought he did it just because he could… because that’s the type of spirit he was.

But today for some odd reason.. driving home from work … it dawned on me. The reaper was not actually the “Real” reaper of death… just designed to represent that to create fear and to be able to get my dreams from me that much easier. It worked… it was all a test … and the whole time I had it inside myself to get my dreams back at any time. I just didn’t know it.

If you want something bad enough, then you must take “ACTION” to keep it or get it back. You must be willing and ready to  “FIGHT” for what you love, what you believe in and what you want. The reaper came to me and I did nothing. I didn’t fight… I didn’t chase after him… I didn’t protect myself… I did nothing but watch as he took away my dreams and then left with them. All I did was think about it … over and over and over … I let it consume my thoughts .. and mostly only thought about why is it I  wasn’t worthy of keeping my own dreams or what had I done that was so wrong. It wasn’t about that at all. It was just a lesson to teach me to stop allowing others to take from me. Stop allowing pieces of myself to be given to those who did not deserve them and to fight for the things I hold dear. Leaving myself open is and can be damaging because not everyone or thing is honest and trust worthy. Many are out to cause harm… intentional or not. I must guard myself and those I love. I must pay more attention to my surroundings and make sure the things that are special to me don’t slip away .. or worse yet taken.

I thank who ever sent the reaper to take my dreams … it was a very valuable lesson .. and I shall forever hold on to this lesson and live by it!



Many Blessings,

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  1. I love this. I’m dealing with this RIGHT NOW, in fact. Thank you for sharing those reminding words of encouragement and strength. I must protect myself from those who mean me harm!

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