Day: April 7, 2015

The Raven and The Wolf

WP_20150407_016[1]This story began when time began. Two souls who found each other again and again, lifetime after lifetime. The journey, never the same but the love and the connection between the two souls remained as steady as the light from the moon.

It has always been as if there were two hearts beating as one. Like a native drum, the rhythm of their hearts called to each other across land and time. The two felt like they were simply wandering aimlessly looking for something they weren’t even sure existed. Then there would be the first glimpse of something. Without knowing what it was, they followed their hearts one step, one moment at a time. The closer they came to one another the more awake their souls began to feel. The beating inside them grew stronger, grew louder with every moment as their paths began to cross. The feelings inside them stirred like a winter storm out of control.

There was always this emptiness inside them that could only be filled by the other. Without knowing what it was they were seeking, their journey often felt unbearable. Love appeared to them in many ways but never felt true. Heartache after heartache they endured. It was never much of a task to heal, for the love only ran so deep, never to the depths that they wished for. Somewhere inside them they knew there was another kind of love that existed. It was only when they met that true love was found. It was so frightening, that kind of love. That kind of connection between two souls that seemed magical beyond words. Unbreakable. A bond between two souls, like a binding contract with the stars. It was something that was always meant to be. They would always find each other.

At times there wasn’t enough life in their journey to find each other, so the search continued over into the next life and the next and the next until once again they would be united. Life always felt the same kind of darkened void until they would meet. Again and again through time they followed that rhythm beating inside them.  The calling was for their union.

What is it they were meant to do? Why were they always searching for each other? What is it that kept them on this path toward one another? Was it just a game of hide-n-seek between two playful souls or was it something else? Each life together brought them new happiness and then great sorrow when it was time again for them to part.

Was it the lessons learned on their way to each other or was it the gift of finding the other? Maybe it was all of the above and everything in between. The answers we may never know. Only the stars can tell us the true story. What we do know is that this journey toward each other continues… lifetime after lifetime.

Many Blessings,