Daily Insight – Endurance

Daily Insight – Oct. 13 – Endurance

Endurance isn’t based solely on the physical but also the mental  and the emotional self. All three are tied together however, for you must draw from inside yourself to endure any of the above.

You may be physically able to run a marathon, but the drive that keeps you running when your body is ready to quit comes from inside.

Learn to use the obstacles in your path as opportunities for growth.  Take heed the lessons that come your way and stay steadily focused on the goal ahead.

When you feel as though you can’t walk another mile, take another blow to your heart or make it through another crisis … know that within the embers still burn, the fire may be doused but the embers to once again ignite that fire are there. You can do it. This feeling to stop, give up or quit will pass and you will make it through.

Many Blessings,

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