manifesting your dreams

Spirit Message – Dreams

Spirit talks to us today about our dreams. We have the power within us to make them come true. There is much work to be done. Spirit asks us, how important is that dream?  Life tests us to see how much it’s really worth and how much are we willing to do to get there. Some things, people, habits, beliefs and behaviors we are going to have to let go of. Spirit tells us that if we truly want it, it is ours to have!

Many Blessings,


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Seeing Your Dreams Come True

You are never too old to dream and to see your dreams come true. Dreams take work, they take believing in them, they take energy to manifest them and they take work… the necessary steps to making them happen. Aren’t your dreams worth believing in? Aren’t they worth the effort? Aren’t you worth the effort? Keep dreaming and keep believing in those dreams!

Many Blessings,