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The Arm Knitting Craze

scarvesOne afternoon just before Christmas I saw someone post a link to a video on how to Arm Knit a Scarf in 30 minutes. I thought, no way! I made a mental note of the video title to look up later. Several days passed and I was out buying other crafting supplies when I remembered the arm knitting video, so while I was there, I picked up a skein of yarn to give it a try. Still, a week or so passed and I hadn’t yet tried it. Finally things were slowing down as Christmas was approaching so I took 30 minutes to watch the video and give it a try. OMG, it’s TRUE!! You CAN Arm Knit a scarf in 30 minutes!!!!

So about 20 scarves later here I am and I’ve made my own how-to video. Be warned that once you try it … yarn will mysteriously start showing up in your home. It’s an addiction not like any other!!

Many blessings,

Learning New Things Now vs Then

WP_20140107_003This morning on my way to work while wearing my newly knitted scarf, I was appreciating how easy it is in this day and time to learn new things. I went back to when my mom use to knit and thought about how if she wanted to learn a new stitch, pattern or whatever, she would have to go to the library or buy a book. Yesterday I learned a new stitch by typing in a few key words on Youtube. In less than 5 minutes I learned a new knitting stitch and implemented it in my knitting and have made plans for a new project with what I had just learned.

My husband and I have taught ourselves many things thanks richard lampworkto Youtube and the world wide web. We took up lampworking recently and learned everything we’ve done so far from videos. There isn’t much in this day and time that  there isn’t a video how-to for. Within minutes you can learn just about anything your heart desires. What a fantastic time we live in!

Here’s to always learning!

Many Blessings,