Inside This Circle

Inside this circle the transformation begins
the drums beating out a rhythmic sound
Feel the magic as it vibrates up from this sacred ground

With great intent we enter into a realm of light
Dancing until the day becomes night

From what we once were to what we shall become
The ancient voices begin to hum

Our ancestors gather from far and near
Whispering change upon our ear

Nudging us forward in a positive light
Dancing to and fro with all our might

Our souls begin to sing a new song
Placing us upon our path, right where we belong 

Echos of what we once were released into the fire
Spirit lifts us higher and higher 

Letting go and allowing something new
Over this circle the winged ones flew.

The four legged gathered all around
Keeping the circle safe and sound.

And with the final dance and a chant or two
The transformation has granted us a brand new view.

Many Blessings,