The Ghost in the Trees

I have to share this experience I had yesterday, September 29, 2012.

I was walking the dog around the back yard so that he could do his business. I carry my camera with me every where i go, because I’ve missed so many great photo opportunities leaving it behind. Once you run back inside to grab your camera… whatever you were going to photograph is usually gone. So I was watching the ground for feathers the birds have left behind and as I near one section of the yard, near the back of the property, I began to hum. Not long after I started humming I heard myself and thought, what the heck am I humming for and I thought to myself.. if the neighbors hear me out here they will think I’m nuts. Just then I looked up through the trees and I could see the sun beginning to set and I loved how the the sun was glowing through the branches, so I took out my camera and snapped 5 photos. I went inside, did some chores…. later started diner and as dinner was cooking I stepped back outside to snap a few photos of the full moon.

After dinner I ran upstairs to download the photos off my camera so I could post the moon photos. I had forgotten about taking the pictures of the sun setting and when reviewing them I discovered what I believe looks like 2 small angel children in the lights of one of the photos.  I flip to the next photo and WOW! There he is!! A man in a top hat with a scarf around his neck, his mouth open and it looks like he’s singing… you can see the rim of his hat, the scarf, eyebrows, eyes squinted, his nose and his mouth open showing both top and bottom rows of teeth!! FREAKIN AMAZING!!!

I’m posting all of the photos below. these are 100% untouched, no cropping no nothing .. just straight off my camera. the first photo I see the 2 small angels toward the top left. The 2nd photo shows the singing man right in the center of the tree and in the sunlight it looks like the face of a woman.. to the right I see a fox wearing wire rimmed glasses…lol.. the 3rd and fourth are the same as the 2nd only slightly different poses of the man.

see 2 small angel children toward middle/top left – click to enlarge

the singing man is in the center of the tree trunk – the woman’s face is where the sun is shining, the fox is middle right and above light – click to enlarge

click to enlarge .. images are the same as above

this photo the man is looking more forward – click to enlarge



Many Blessings, Raventalker


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