Waya’s Favorite Places

Here you will find links to people and places that I love the most… these will be people and places that influence, inspire, create and beautify the world we live in. Please take a moment to visit these links … you never know what gifts are waiting for you and are just a click away.

Tarot by Cecelia
– This lady is really amazing at what she does. Check out her page and by all means.. get a reading!

Uniquely Yours – No better officiants to complete the bond of marriage than these two loving people. Ordained and licensed to perform weddings, renewals, commitment ceremonies  and civil unions.

Talk2theAnimals  – Learn how to communicate with your pets and other animals

Splinter Art.com – Awesome artwork done in wood.. you have just got to check out his stuff!

MecaBrush – Airbrushing anyone??? Personalized Airbrushing and more!

Bear Medicine Walker  – Enjoy the stories and writing of a truly great soul.

The Wolf and the bear  – a blogtalk radio show …Bringing the walls down… to find the common ground of the People!

Sweet Surrender Crystal Mine – Quartz crystal mine just outside of HotSprings Arkansas – my favorite place ever to dig up the hidden treasures Mother Earth provides.

Lizzy Star – Beautiful and Meaningful jewelry.. Lizzy does more than design great gifts… she is as well a great gift to the world.

Betty Turner – not only a great stained glass artist an amazing teacher. You have to check out her beautiful work and if you are interested in learning how to make stained glass… she’s the teacher I recommend!

Oriah Mountain Dreamer – an author who’s gift is touching the hearts of others with words of great love and wisdom.

Mortgage Investors Group – The BEST mortgage company Tennessee has to offer!

Mystical Heart – an awesome metaphysical shop in Mt. Juliet that carries everything you’ll ever need.

Aristo Media

Jonny Lipford – Inspiring music from a very talented soul

Joseph Strider – a musical soul you must visit.

Keith Johnson – Great artist creates beautiful work.

Gabriel Ayala – He has a musical talent like no other.

Matt Harber – his woodwork is beyond amazing.

Brenda MacIntyre – Brenda’s healing work is a true gift.. nothing short of amazing.

James Riverstone – I’m not even sure I have words to define James.. just visit his site.. you won’t be sorry.

Kyle Gregory – Looking for a Nashville area photographer that does fantastic work? Check out Kyle Gregory. While you are there check out his blog too!

Maria Picciano – Truly gifted Photographer

Mychal Royal – another really great artist!

Ralis Kahn – THE BEST makeup artist ever!!!

The Stonekeepers – a metaphysical shop that is filled with amazing energy. If you are ever in Murfreesboro .. you MUST stop in for a visit and see for yourself all the treasures inside.

Scoobie Schneider – if you are looking for a photographer in the Nashville area.. look no further!



    1. I know .. I always look forward to visiting the Murfreesboro office because that means I get to come see you and visit the store and soak up some of its amazing energy!

  1. Aww…thanks for adding us. You know we love you, and if I knew how to do this kind of stuff, and make fancy lists and blogs and stuff, you’d be right at the top!!!!! LOVE YA

    1. hee hee .. well I only speak the truth .. you both do such a great job! You’re the best!

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